Fashion Week ain't what it used to be (& I like it so much more now!)

Having been around the traps for a fair few years now, I've covered Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia a number of times.

But over the years it's changed... and I'm so grateful!

MBFWA has always been a land of skinny and VERY tall people, which left little ol' me sticking out like a sore thumb! 

Trying to fit in... always easier when I'm seated

Trying to fit in... always easier when I'm seated

But given that bloggers have taken over the front row (a sore point for many in the industry), it's opened up the fashion feast to a wide variety of people - tall, short, big and small. Suddenly it feels more inclusive, which might be why the industry has a problem with it, it takes away the exclusivity of it all.

Also, with the growing emphasis on street style, fashion has become more of an art form - expressive and open to interpretation.

Gone are the days where you had to spend $$$$$ on designer outfits to "fit in".

Now, it's a free-for-all with accessible, affordable fashion key. There's plenty of faux fur, bandanas, and a mixture of vintage accessories with futuristic ones.

Even heels have given way to more loafers and sneakers, which means you don't see as much hobbling around at the end of the day.

But don't be fooled, that "just thrown together look" usually takes as much preparation, if not more, as a "put together look" ...but it's nice to see the "messy" look sometimes.

It all lends to that confident strut of "I like my outfit, I think it's the bee's knees and I feel comfortable" that attracts the waiting photographers.

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All of these slight changes in popular culture have effected Fashion Week in pretty substantial ways, but as a result there's less pressure to conform or look a certain way.

Don't get me wrong, I love getting all dolled up to look the part, thinking about outfits in advance and loaning some AMAZING dresses so I feel trendy on the day. But that feeling in the pit of your stomach as you walk towards Carriageworks, Sydney wondering how many judgey sideways glances you'll get, is a lot less.

Nowadays you can have a bit more fun with fashion, which let's face it, is the whole point of it all anyway, right?!

Pulling out all stops a few years ago

Pulling out all stops a few years ago

I still have the desire to "blend in" but it doesn't feel like I don't "fit in" anymore - the imposter syndrome I used to have is slowly fading, though not entirely gone yet (I mean, I am only *cough*ft tall!)

Somebody suggested to me that at the same time as Fashion Week has morphed into this new phase, I've probably morphed into a new one too, a more confident one. 

Maybe it's a combination of the two but whatever it is, I relax into the experience a little more each year that goes by. 

So here's to another MBFWA done & dusted! Cheers! 🍾πŸ₯‚

Having fun with fashion!

Having fun with fashion!